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“The curiosity of unaccounted time is little more than a deep, creeping silence awaiting inevitable disturbance…”

D A R K D A Y July 1, 2008

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To all the terrors of the world outside – I hold a light.

Edward Prima



WAITING June 24, 2008

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Title: Waiting
Rated: PG
Pairing: Zarek/Roslin
Spoilers: Sine Qua Non
Wordcount: 750
Author’s Note: Okay, so I decided to tack what was going to be a second chapter onto the end of this. :D



TRAP DOORS June 1, 2008

Title: Trap Doors
Info: M
Featured: Laura finds a secret door in her office – various people end up trapped inside of it. Set sometime in season two. No spoilers.
Category: Romance, Humour
Characters: None
Genres: Action/Adventure, General, Humour, Mystery/Suspense, Romance
Series: Behind Closed Doors



SO VERY AFRAID May 26, 2008

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Title: So Very Afraid/One Small Mistake
Author: [info]ellymelly
Wordcount: 3 423
Pairings: Lee (apollo) Adama, Laura Roslin/Felix Gaeta (because it’s the most WRONG thing I can think of), Gaius Baltar, Helo
Rating: Rated: M
Author’s Notes: If possible, listen to, ‘In The Hall of The Mountain King’ before reading this :)



Title: Twenty-Six Hundred by ellymelly
Featured: Set during the turbulent world of that missing year where Baltar is a paranoid president slowly losing his grip. Bill and Laura have but two hours a month to spend with each other – will it be enough to save the future of the colonies and their love?
Category: Romance
Characters: None
Genres: Angst
Series: Νεω Χαπριχα (New Caprica)
Chapters: 12 | Completed: Yes | Word Count: 16821 | Read Count: 6567




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Title: Crimes of Need
by: ellymelly
Rated: PG
Fandom: BSG
Pairing: Zarek/Roslin
Spoilers: Season 3




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Title: Bandage Bear Day

Genre: BSG
Pairing: Cottle/Roslin
Spoilers: s1-3
Rated: M
Author’s Note: Because Narciscia Triple Dog Dared me… sorry – no sex!