ellymelly’s fanfiction

“The curiosity of unaccounted time is little more than a deep, creeping silence awaiting inevitable disturbance…”

Welcome May 26, 2008


Welcome to ellymelly’s fanfiction page.

To navigate between stories – please use the ‘Categories’ bar on the right hand side. Stories are grouped into fandoms. Each story contains its own warnings and details.

Disclaimer: I do not own or make any money from fan oriented fiction. The original owners retain all of their respective ownership rights. This is the work of entertainment.


5 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Okay, So when I friended you on twitter and lj this weekend I must have had a brain freeze. I didn’t realize that you are the same one that wrote all the cool fiction on http://www.sanctuaryfiction.net/index.php, I have read all your stories. You really write some pretty amazing stuff. Can’t wait to read more now that I know where to find it. :D

  2. givemeyourwings Says:

    HI Elly :3

  3. igrymmorpg Says:

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